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    Youth Justice

    yjp_servicesThe program allows youth that have been ordered to perform public service work, complete intervention classes, submit to electronic monitoring or that have been committed to the Division of Youth Services, to receive services from staff that reside in their own communities.  Participation in CSI’s Youth Justice Program provides these youth with an opportunity to complete their court-ordered services.  Participation in this program helps these youth learn skills, feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, and avoid further contact with the juvenile justice system.


    Electronic monitoring means placing an electronic monitoring device on the client and monitoring their compliance, mostly on curfew issues.  Intensive supervision is a program that provides personal, individualized, close supervision of a client.  Restorative justice is repayment to a crime victim by the offender.  Often, CSI utilizes a type of repayment in which the offender makes restitution to a symbolic ‘victim’ usually working for the community on work crews.  Client intervention classes provide instruction and advice on ways to avoid property theft, controlled substance use/abuse, or other criminal charges.  Interstate compact services are utilized to supervise offenders who move to our catchment area from other locations.  Aftercare is a program to assist clients upon their release from secure Division of Youth Services facilities.



    CSI operates these programs through contracts with the Division of Youth Services.  Referrals are made by local juvenile courts, the Division of Youth Services, out-of-state agencies, and personal referrals in some cases.



    These services are designed to help youth avoid contact, or further contact, with the justice system.


    CSI complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion or sex. For individuals with limited English proficiency or who need communications in an alternate format, translation or alternative formats will be made available free of charge.