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    Success Stories

    Community Service, Inc.  Success Stories.

    (The names have been altered to protect confidentiality)  



    Jackie began treatment at Community Service, Inc. when she was fourteen.   She was arrested for bringing alcohol to school.    Jackie walked into our office with a huge chip on her shoulder.  She and her younger brother had been adopted by their grandparents when Jackie was only three.  Her parents had a drug abuse problem.   Although Jackie had contact with her mother on and off throughout the years, her mother was also in and out of prison due to a methamphetamine addiction.    Jackie’s grandparents were terrified that she would follow in her mother’s footsteps.



    Jackie had problems with anger, poor attitude and a lack of respect for her grandparents.   It did not take long though for Jackie to open up about how she felt with her home situation, mother and being bullied at school.    A compressive approach was used with Jackie and our Intervention Specialist worked with Jackie at school and even met with school officials to help resolve some of the issues she was having with bullies.



    One major issue in Jackie’s life was her mother being in prison and her grandfather preventing her from seeing her mother.  Her grandfather did not want her in that setting.  After much discussion, Jackie’s grandfather let her see her mother during prison visitation.  The visit went very well and they continued to visit regularly.  Not long after the visits started, Jackie’s mother sent a letter thanking Community Service, Inc. for working with her daughter.  She described the changes she was seeing in her daughter and was thankful to Community Service, Inc. for being there helping bring out the best in Jackie.



    Jackie is now doing very well.  Her mother is out of prison, working fulltime and become an integral part of her children’s lives.  Jackie has matured and is much more respectful and responsible.  Her grandmother reported that she is thrilled with her granddaughter and cannot believe how well she is doing.  Jackie only comes once a month now but she is a true success story.








    Andrew was 15 when the court ordered him to our Day Treatment Program. He was sent there for buying prescription pills in school and for being disruptive because of his severe ADHD.  Andrew lived with his alcoholic grandmother because his father was in prison and his mother did not want him. Andrew did not have a support system and was forced to raise himself.



    Andrew spent a lot of time taking care of his grandmother. She would get so drunk she wouldn’t able to function. He said that he had to clean up after his grandmother and help her up since she fell frequently.



    Andrew was an awkward child who struggled with making friends and accepting responsibility for his behavior. He did not have any social skills and did not know how to act around other people.  Andrew did not want to follow rules, and was often disrespectful to adults. He had significant problems understanding his role in an adult- child relationship.



    Andrew struggled within the program for several months and was reluctant to learn better coping skills, social skills, and independent living skills. He also refused to take medication to help him stay focused. Eventually, Andrew was suspended from the program and referred back to court for not progressing. At the same time, the Department of Human Services (DHS) became involved.



    Andrew moved in with his uncle and continued to struggle. He now had rules and expectations to follow, rather than being able to do what he wanted.  Andrew began to realize that he was making bad decisions. He was not getting along with his uncle and he refused to comply with the judge’s orders.



    Andrew recognized that he was going to face jail time, so he began behaving appropriately and started following the rules at home and in the program. He decided that he needed to successfully complete the program and return to school. He wanted to be in the air force. Andrew started becoming a leader and encouraged his peers to stay out of trouble. After 11 months, Andrew successfully completed the program and was able to return to regular school. At last report, Andrew was still thriving and doing well.








    One of our most rewarding clients we served came to us on October 31, 2012.  Jacob came to us after being referred by the court system. He was expelled from school for possessing drug paraphernalia on school premises.



    Jacob started the day treatment program as a very reserved and quiet young man. He was in need of finding himself as well as a direction towards which to work. Jacob learned skills in anger management, empathy, character education, and essential social skills. The staff began to see Jacob’s confidence grow. Jacob’s true character was shown when they began to volunteer at the Equestrian Zone as part of the character education lessons.  He demonstrated courage, respect, and care for the horses as well as the pride in his work around the stables.



    When Jacob graduated from our program in February 2013, he left as a confident young man who figured out who he is and where he wants to go. Jacob returned to school and continues to volunteer in the community. The treatment team is proud of Jacob and the person he is today.