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  • Therapeutic Foster Care

    Therapeutic Foster Care

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    Have you thought about fostering, but aren’t sure where to start?  We may have the answer for you!  CSI is currently recruiting for Therapeutic Foster Homes in Pope, Johnson, Franklin, Yell, Conway, Faulkner, Van Buren, and Searcy Counties.



    As a Therapeutic Foster Family, you must:

    • Be at least 25 years old
    • Have the caring and patience to respond to children with emotional difficulties
    • Be dedicated and committed to the child(ren) placed in your home
    • Complete initial and on-going training
    • Meet other requirements as set forth by the state of Arkansas


    You will receive:

    • A non-taxable income
    • Training and on-going support
    • 24-hour on-call assistance
    • Intrinsic rewards, knowing you have made a difference in the life of a child


    The Therapeutic Foster Care Program is a program designed to provide a home environment to a child who has more serious acting out issues and has not been able to be maintained in a regular foster home.  Often these children have intense needs of love, support and consistency.  The program’s trained foster parents are able to manage these types of negative behaviors.  The child is able to access individual and family therapy, intensive intervention services in the foster home and school, as well as psychiatric services and medication management.  Our program also assists the Department of Health and Human Services with family therapy sessions if reunification (return to biological family) is the goal in the case and we can assist with supervision of sibling visits.  The ultimate goal is to provide the child and family with support so that they can be healthier and more successful in their homes and communities. The referrals to the program generally come from state officials at the Department of Health and Human Services.  The Therapeutic Foster Care program is always looking for caring families to become parents to these often difficult children.



    If you have questions about the Therapeutic Foster Care Program please review our FAQ below or if you would like more information on what is necessary to become a foster parent, please contact our office at 1-800-379-0553.


    CSI complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion or sex. For individuals with limited English proficiency or who need communications in an alternate format, translation or alternative formats will be made available free of charge.




    Therapeutic Foster Care FAQs

    What exactly is Therapeutic Foster Care?

    Therapeutic means healing, and to foster is to nuture.  Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) does just that:  provides children with mental health needs an opportunity to heal in a nurturing, supportive environment.

    What is the goal of Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC)?

    The treatment of children in a family setting is the principal focus of this program.  In most cases, reunification with the natural or legal family is the goal.

    What is the role of a Therapeutic Foster Parent?

    Therapeutic Foster Parents are invaluable to Community Service, Inc. (CSI), and play a pivotal role in the program.  TFC parents serve as both caregivers of children with treatment needs (the foster role), and are catalysts of planned change (the treatment role).  They perform the function of a loving parent, and at the same time are an integral part of a professional treatment team.

    Do I have what it takes to be a TFC parent?

    If you meet the Foster/Respite parent qualifications, are willing to participate in our annual training program, & can offer unconditional love and commitment to a child, then the answer is Yes!

    Where do the children in need of TFC come from?

    The children we serve come from natural family homes, other foster homes, residential treatment facilities, group homes, or psychiatric hospitals.

    Am I expected to take in any child that is referred to me?

    No, you are never obligated, and must be comfortable with and equipped to care for the children brought into your home.  To help you decide if the placement is a good one, CSI will provide you with information on the child’s background, mental health, and behaviors.  We respect the decisions of our providers, and understand limited preferences & resources.

    How long will a child remain in my home?

    The nature of foster care is temporary, with the hopes of reunification; however, each child’s situation is unique.  A child may stay in your home for up to six months, a year, or even longer.

    How do I handle a child leaving my home?

    The goal of TFC is reunification, but meeting that goal can naturally leave an empty feeling.  Just as parents raise their biological children, knowing one day they will leave their home, we must prepare foster children to do the same.  There is never a replacement for a child, but when one leaves your home, there will undoubtedly be another one that needs your caring and support.

    Do I receive financial reimbursement?

    Yes, along with the intangible benefits that come with providing TFC, our providers receive a daily reimbursement to cover the costs of caring for the child, including health care.  CSI does require that your income is sufficient to meet the needs of the family prior to becoming a provider.

    What are my legal responsibilities?

    TFC providers must have no criminal or child abuse record, as verified by the state of AR.  Providers must live in a home that meets AR safety standards (determined during a home safety inspection and interview conducted by our agency, as well as a fire safety inspection, conducted by your local fire company).  Providers must be willing to follow rules and regulations set forth by CSI.

    What kind of support and training will I receive?

    CSI provides clinical support, 24 hour/7 day telephone assistance, crisis support, & respite care, when necessary.  Providers must be willing to participate in our annual training program, which includes First Aid & CPR.