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  • Youth Leadership Program

    Youth Leadership Program

    youth_leadership_pic1bThe Youth Leadership Program allows youth that have been struggling in some area of their life to participate in monthly contacts with local and state leaders, organizations, and businesses. These contacts allow the youth to learn more about the services, opportunities, and industry in their own communities. Over the course of the 9 month program the students are challenged and empowered to identify and strengthen leadership qualities within themselves and develop positive relationships with leaders and role models. These youth have a rare opportunity to connect to their community and their state and participate in leadership-building activities that otherwise may be out of reach. The staff supervising the Youth Leadership Program most often serves youth that are between the ages of 13 and 19 that have been referred by the local public schools, Juvenile Court, Family, the Division of Youth Services, or selected by CSI staff. Participation in the Youth Leadership Program is limited to 10 participants each year and participation is voluntary and based upon an individual’s particular needs and commitment to a nine month program.